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What is Affiliate Marketing?

What is Affiliate Marketing?

I often hear this question often, what is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is selling products or services on your own website. When the user clicks the link and purchases the product you get credit for the sale in the form of a payment.

The products or services you are promoting all contain special coding so you end up getting credit for the sale.

It sounds easy enough but there are a few things you have to do before the cash starts hitting your account.

The first thing you have to do is put up a website, which these days is very easy.

The biggest decision you have is what type of site? If it’s a weight loss diet site think of the competition you’re going to have.

Here is where its best to take a step back and do some serious thinking.

Find a niche that you’re seriously interested in that hopefully is not saturated all over the world wide web. 

If your specialty is fly-fishing bass lures there are probably hundreds of other similar sites, just figure it might take you longer to rank on the first few pages of Google, etc. 

The key is finding a hobby or something you’re passionate about absolute love.

The key to getting ranked is good quality fresh information. Blogs are a great way to gather attention.

Just remember with any new site it might take a good year or so before you get results.

This usually discourages many who think affiliate marketing is fast money because it’s not.

Depending on your niche, there are plenty of sites that offer affiliate products or services you can offer on your site and promote.

Go to any site and on the bottom of the home page, there is usually an affiliate link describing the terms and percentage of commission per item.

A good starting point might be to read up on Amazon’s affiliate program.

To learn about affiliate marketing, go check out youtube or your local Library or Barnes & Noble bookstore.

They are plenty of great books available that will save you money.

There are also a few online programs that are excellent and will teach you exactly what affiliate marketing is.

If you decide to go the online route, here are a few tips.

  1. Build your new website on your own hosting platform. If you build it on the online site you joined and decide to cancel you will have to move your site. This could be a hassle for some people.

  2. When taking the online classes, take plenty of notes for future reference.

  3. Do not create a website promoting the online affiliate company you’re with. What happens is you get hundreds or more of the exact same reviews word for word. A Google search for one popular online site has over 35 pages of reviews. Overkill, don’t do it.

  4. Find your niche and start out the correct way.

  5. Do not get caught up in an online forum that takes away from your training. There are plenty of free forums to join later. 

  6. Get your education and move on.

I hope this helps clear a few things up regarding what affiliate marketing is.

The one thing it is not is posting a blender review on-line and then saying for the next few years checks will be coming in from that posting.

In some cases, the only ones making the big money are the owners of the online training.

Just something to think about before you part with your hard earned cash.

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