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Meeting Mark Hughes of Herbalife

Meeting Mark Hughes of Herbalife was certainly a wonderful experience.

I was invited to an opportunity meeting was right around 1986 at the Hilton Hotel in Newark, NJ.

The conference room was packed and you could feel the excitement in the air with distributors and interested parties looking for an opportunity.

I couldn’t believe how many people turned out for this, but I was kind of clueless going in.

His wife also was on stage with him and she was fantastic, what a great looking couple. 

They must have spoken for an hour or two and had everyone’s attention the whole time.

I remember thinking before I leave one way or another I am going to be meeting Mark Hughes of Herbalife.

Another thing I do remember is the popular button “Lose Weight Now Ask Me How”. 

What a wonderful marketing idea.

Imagine having an army of thousands wearing that button on a daily basis, talk about free advertising.

After things wrapped up Mark Hughes and his wife were having a meet and greet, answering questions.

I worked my way up and listened to the line of questioning from everyone.

After a warm handshake and a few compliments regarding his presentation, my question was how to build a large organization.

His response was just keep talking to everyone you come across.

Great advice that still holds true today, 30 years later.

Even if the meet up was fairly quick, I did take not of the genuine interest and time Mark Hughes spent listening and answering all questions in a friendly detailed manner.

I was sold and ended up becoming an official Herbalife distributor, button and all.

Looking back my problem was I ran out of people to talk to and was scared to approach anyone new.

This is a major problem for so many in our industry.

But with so many years of speaking with people, I have no problem anyone, it’s almost fun to see what type of response I get.

So my first experience with network marketing was short lived.

I never was a fan of promoting weight loss products.

But it was worth it meeting Mark Hughes of Herbalife.

Years later Mark passed away at a very young age of 44.

Here’s a link from the New York Times.

What a wonderful company Herbalife has become!





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