Business Opportunity

If you’re looking for a business opportunity to earn extra money, please consider joining my team.

I am a distributor of a marketing company that offers businesses a low-cost way of connecting with customers and potential customers in a friendly non-aggressive method. Also, a great way to generate referrals. Ideal for small business with a low budget or start-ups as well as large corporations.

My target market is real estate agents, car dealers, landscapers, network marketers, window cleaners, plumbers, etc. Any size business would find this extremely valuable. Real estate agents call this a secret weapon or silent giant. It’s based on the principle of relationship building versus always promoting your business or service. A different mindset but very effective.

Company Features

  • No products or inventory

  • No juice, diet, or vitamin products

  • No products to stock or deliver

  • No expensive shipping charges

  • No high monthly sales quotas to get paid

  • Solid 10-year old company

  • Squeaky clean no nonsense company

  • Extensive ongoing training

  • No shortage of customers

  • Monthly repeat business

  • Low monthly cost of only $39.00

  • Web site included

Why Work With Me:

I have 30 years experience in sales, customer service, & marketing

21 years self-employed working from home full time. Long history with network marketing companies dating back to the early 1980’s. Majority of my team members that I sponsor are a result of relationship marketing that can be duplicated. Weekly company training calls. Available days and evenings for training, questions, and general team support. I work directly with a successful executive of the company who has a tremendous amount of experience she shares with my team.

Working time

Why Network Marketing?

Network Marketing has become a powerful tool for companies to promote their products or services. Advertising is becoming less effective on television, radio, and the newspapers. Instead of paying advertising companies why not pay independent distributors to do the promoting around the world. Stores and malls are having a tough time staying out of the red competing against powerhouse companies like Amazon online.
Now consider the cost of starting your own business. Just registering your company name, accounting fees, website, will already cost you hundreds of dollars. That does not include inventory, insurance, office rental, and advertising. I am by no means against going that route, I did it years ago, but network marketing is certainly an inexpensive alternative.
Network marketing offers an opportunity to start a home-based business at a very low-cost point, under $500.00. Its a business in a box, most companies will provide you with direct ongoing support, products or services to share and promote, website, and bookkeeping. This could be an alternative to getting a part time job that keeps you away nights and weekends from family.
Network marketing offers a part-time opportunity to earn extra money from home. This is your own business, which means you do have to work and treat it like a business. An hour or two a day, few hours on a Saturday would be a good starting point. To see results in any business including network marketing you have to commitment at least one year. It takes plenty time to build a business, so if your going to quit why get started?
Network marketing offers tremendous value in self-development and a positive thinking mindset. These are tools you can every day with your family, friends, and at your main job. People around you will notice the difference over time which in turn becomes a win-win for you. I know more than one husband and wife team who do very well working together as a team.


What Am I Looking For:

  • Must be coach-able
  • Must be willing to comment at least one year in the business
  • Must be willing to learn about products and services
  • Must be willing to work on their own self-development
  • Must be a team player